Fresh Farm Flavor

We recently watched a really great, eye-opening documentary called Food, Inc. We highly recommend it – just don’t eat while you’re watching it. It’s far from appetizing. Most of this was the kind of stuff we already knew, but it certainly re-energized our desire for wholesome, (slow) food that maximizes the health of our bodies and our planet. And it really reflects the reasons Lindz wants to pursue a career in “food justice”, but that’s another post (to come)…

In any case, DC has a wealth of food activists, local farms in MD, VA, WV, and PA, and opportunities to improve the way we eat. Today we took a trip to one of FreshFarm Markets’ locations in Silver Spring, MD. We chose this location because there was a chef at the market today serving delicious bites of deviled eggs with cured ham. Mmmm…

We picked up some great food! From farm fresh pasture-raised organic eggs to aged raw-milk tomme cheese to kale and arugula, as well as sweet potatoes, apples and radishes. Beautiful bounty. We plan on making a fabulous meal tonight – blog post to come later!

This was our lunch… amazing aged tomme cheese, bartlett pear, and some pinot grigio. unbeatable saturday afternoon.


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