DC Thai Scene

As much as we like to cook (and by that I mean Lindsay) we really love exploring our local restaurant scene.  I’ve been especially eager to try all the Thai restaurants that cross my radar.  So here are some of my favorites:

Bangkok Joes:  Amazing.  This place sits on the southern edge of Georgetown, right on the river.  I recommend going straight to the dumpling bar.  We immediately fell in love with the winter squash potstickers.  Next time though I’m trying the dumpling sampler.  This definitely isn’t the cheapest place on my list but they do have a reasonable lunch special.  We actually came here for restaurant week and were blown away by the amount of food we got for $21 per person.

DC Noodles: Their hip U street location is dangerously close to my apartment.  Upon discovering this restaurant I ate there 3 times in about 2 weeks.  DC Noodles has reinvented yet authentic Thai flavors.  They even carry a version of my favorite Thai dish, khao soy.  I much prefer DC Noodles over Sala Thai that is only a block down U street.

Mandu: Ok so this place isn’t Thai its actually Koran but I’m gonna go ahead and group them together on the basis of being Asian. We went here for happy hour one Friday and it was perfect.  I highly recommend the Korean tacos and the dumplings.  This is essentially the whole happy hour menu so you can’t go wrong.  Here are some pics:


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