valentine’s dinner

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to have our own homemade wine and tapas bar…

To complement a zesty bottle of sparkling pinot grigio and a sumptuous bottle of Côte du Rhône, we chef’ed up a dazzling variety of tasty little bites.

We started with endive salad boats, complete with balsamic-soaked cherry tomatoes and goat cheese – just to ignite our appetites.

Next we sampled a duet of bruschettas: Roasted Red Peppers & Feta, and Lemon-Artichoke.

Then we stuffed mushrooms with a rich blend of prosciutto, arugula, and parmiggiano-reggiano – irresistible!

Finally (although we were absurdly full and a touch tipsy), we finished it all off with a delightful brownie-cheesecake pie topped with walnuts.

Commence the food-and-wine coma…


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